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2024-January MLSecOps Community Meetup

Posted Jan 31, 2024 | Views 102
# MLSecOps
# Supply Chain Vulnerability
# Model Provenance
# Governance, Risk, & Compliance
# Trusted AI
# Adversarial ML
# Threat Model
Diana Kelley
CISO @ Protect AI
Adam Shostack
President @ Shostack + Associates
  • Leading Expert in Threat Modeling and Secure Design
  • Author
  • Black Hat Review Board Member

About Adam Shostack:

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Streamed live on Jan 30, 2024 Thanks for joining us for our first live event! This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals in the field of Machine Learning Security Operations (aka MLSecOps). Whether you're a seasoned security expert or ML practitioner, or just starting out, this meetup will provide valuable insights, networking opportunities, and engaging discussions. Don't miss out on the chance to learn from industry leaders and expand your knowledge in the rapidly evolving world of security for AI. Mark your calendars and get ready for an evening of learning and fun!

Expert Guest Speakers:

"Building AI Security In - MLSecOps In Practice" by Diana Kelley, CISO at Protect AI (Executive Board Member - Women in CyberSecurity, 2023 Cyber Security Hall of Fame Honoree, Program Committee - RSA Conference)

"LLM Supported Threat Modeling" - Adam Shostack, President at Shostack + Associates (Leading expert in threat modeling/secure design, BlackHat Review Board Member, Author)

Diana Kelly Presentation and Q&A, 00:39:16 - 01:17:07 Adam Shostack Presentation and Q&A, 01:34:25 - 02:04:31 ModelScan Demo, 02:07:14 - 02:14:39

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